Yokohama Tire’s Display at TMC will Feature New Products and Spotlight its UWB and 19.5-inch Tire Lineup

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Yokohama Tire’s lineup at the upcoming TMC show in Orlando, Florida, February 27-March 1, will include three new products and spotlight its robust last-mile delivery and ultra wide-base tire offerings. In all, more than a dozen commercial truck tires will be on display in booth (#827).

“This is one of our strongest and most versatile showings we’ve had at TMC,” said Dan Funkhouser, Yokohama Tire vice president of commercial sales. “Attendees will definitely see the breadth of our product line and how we can help fleets with their bottom lines.”

New tires on display include:
  • 114R: With its high-scrub tread compound and rounded shoulder ribs, the 114R is built to last! Designed for fleet owners and managers who are looking to maximize tire life in regional haul and spread-axle operations, the SmartWay® Verified tire is available in six sizes: 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 285/75R24.5, 11R24.5, 255/70R22.5 and 275/70R22.5.
  • 716U UWB: New weight-savings drive tire that carries more profitability for fleets. The 716U UWB is designed specifically for waste, recycle and on/off-road severe service operations where maximizing payload capacity really counts. “With its reliable all-season traction and durable construction, it really is the perfect drive tire for the job,” said Funkhouser. The 716U is available in size 445/55R22.5.
  • 121T: A true regional trailer tire for all seasons, the 121T is specifically designed for trailer use only. The 121T is severe snow service-rated in all weather conditions and is offered in sizes 215/75R17.5, 235/75R17.5 and 245/75R17.5.
The full list of Yokohama commercial tires on display at TMC include:

Steer/All-position & Trailer:

  • New! 114R, size 11R22.5
  • 114R UWB, size 445/50R22.5
  • 712L, size 295/75R22.5
  • 504C, size 11R 22.5
  • 505C, size 425/65R22.5
  • New! 716U UWB, size 445/55R22.5
  • 902L UWB, size 445/50R22.5
  • BluEarth® 709L UWB, size 445/50R22.5
17. 5- and 19.5-inch
  • New! 121T, size 215/75R17.5
  • 124R, size 245/70R19.5
  • 720R, size 225/70R19.5
  • 115R, size 225/70R19.5
  • 714R, size 225/70R19.5
Light Truck Consumer:
  • BluEarth® Van A/S RY61, size 235/65R16C
  • GEOLANDAR A/T XD, size 275/65R18

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