Understanding Your Tires

Reading a Sidewall

The sidewall reveals all.

At Yokohama, we use a variety of advanced technologies to deliver outstanding performance — and the sidewall is where you can read all about it. Beyond just the name of the tire, it can tell you all the important details about sizing, construction, usage, warnings and even the week and year of production.

DOT Tire Identification Codes

All new tires sold in the U.S. must have a DOT number (a standard format designated by the government) cured into the lower sidewall. Some manufacturers place an additional code with a specific tire type code that identifies the particular tire model.

DOT Tire ID Codes

Commercial treads also include codes generally found on the lower sidewall near the original DOT code that are used to detail retread information.

Retread Tire Codes

How to Read a Sidewall 

Everything you need to know about your tires is right on the sidewall. Here’s how to decode the information:

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Understanding Your Tires

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