Why Yokohama

Yokohama Emergency Services (YES)

Available Anywhere.

Introducing Yokohama's National Emergency Roadside Tire Service (YES) Safety, Peace Of Mind, Hassle Free - 24 Hours Per Day.

With a multitude of services available, Yokohama is saying "YES" to your fleets' emergency roadside tire needs around the clock and throughout the country. Contact your Yokohama representative to see what services may be available for your specific fleet needs.

Who Can Participate in YES?

ALL Yokohama authorized national accounts in good standing are automatically eligible for the YES program. Account status will be verified when you call into Yokohama's YES dispatcher.

How YES Works

Step One

In the event of a tire emergency, call 1-800-282-1570.

Step Two

A YES dispatcher locates the nearest Yokohama dealer and provides all necessary information regarding equipment and tire requirements.

Step Three

Notification will be provided upon completion of service along with the details of the service call.

Step Four

The YES dispatcher will follow up with you and confirm when the service vehicle is on the scene.

The YES Advantage

  • All fleet customers are treated with the highest level of urgency, regardless of size.
  • Customize your fleet profiles with unit types, POs and any equipment preferences.
  • Receive automatic notifications for completions and roll time confirmation.
  • Available by phone or email, anytime, anywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Your fleet is covered in all 50 states and throughout Canada.
  • Available 24/7/365.
  • All Yokohama medium truck tires are covered.
  • Targeted roll time of two hours per event.
  • The consistency of National Account pricing.
For more information, call customer service at (800) 241-7051