Maintenance & Care

Tire Storage

Any tire, no matter how well constructed, may fail due to improper maintenance or service factors. Tire failure may create a risk of property damage and serious or fatal injury. For your safety, following the guidelines below when storing tires:

  • Store tires indoors in a cool dry place where water cannot collect inside the tires.
  • Store tires raised off a storage area’s floor surface to minimize exposure to moisture or damage.
  • Avoid contact with petroleum-based products and/or other volatile solvents or substances.
  • Store tires away from electric motors, battery chargers, generators, welding equipment or other ozone generating sources.
  • If tires are not stored properly, not only will there be a deterioration in their appearance, there may be a loss in performance and compound integrity that can lead to tire failure.
  • If outdoor storage is necessary, follow the USTMA guidelines.