Yokohama Tire Launches All-new ADVAN Sport® V107

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Yokohama Tire’s ultra-high performance ADVAN tire line has a new family member: the ADVAN Sport® V107. The new tire is initially available in 54 sizes ranging from 18 to 22 inches, with more sizes up to 23-inch coming in early 2023.

“With a new compound and construction, nothing is compromised with the ADVAN Sport V107,” said Drew Dayton, Yokohama’s senior product planning manager, consumer tires. “It provides excellent wet/dry performance, superior grip, precise handling, driver stability at high speeds and, of course, a quiet and comfortable ride – everything and more drivers expect from Yokohama’s premium ultra-high performance ADVAN line.”

Highlights of the V107 include:

-- Outstanding grip comes from a new, ultra-microsilica compound that improves grip for cornering and braking on both wet and dry.

-- Responsive handling stems from the Rayon matrix body ply which improves steering performance on dry roads by efficiently transferring power to the road surface. Additionally, an advanced tread design with solid center ribs provides constant contact to the road surface for enhanced steering and cornering response.

-- High-speed stability is produced by the contour profile. Rayon and Polyamide cap plies create an improved cross-sectional shape which provides even pressure on the road surface for improved steering and cornering.

-- A quiet ride is achieved via Yokohama’s silent sipe technology. The uniquely shaped sipes located along the inner ribs reduce external vehicle noise.
For more on Yokohama’s ADVAN tire line, visit Yokohama ADVAN.
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