Yokohama Tire’s Ultra-tough Y69K™ L-5S Tire Now Available in Size 35/65-33


Engineered for the toughest jobs, Yokohama Tire’s Y69KL-5S tire for loaders, underground vehicles and dozers, now comes in a new size – 35/65-33 – with a CP-S (special cut resistance) compound and steel breaker construction.

“The steel breaker construction adds special rubber-coated layers of steel cord between the casing and tread, making this Y69K an incredibly tough tire that can handle punishing terrains,” said Bruce Besancon, Yokohama Tire vice president of OTR sales. “Built from the inside out, the durable Y69K will get the job done.”

Benefits of the Y69K include:

-- Extra casing protection thanks to the thicker upper sidewall – with a square shoulder profile – that’s built to prevent damage caused by the rigors of severe service.

-- Longer tread life and enhanced durability – even in the most extreme conditions – are insured by the extra-deep, reinforced tread.

-- Extended service life is provided by the specially formulated CP-S compound which is cut and chip resistant.

The Y69K comes in three other sizes: 18.00-25, 26.5-25 and 29.5-29. All feature the CP-S compound.

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