New Yokohama BluEarth-Van All Season™ RY61 Tire Delivers the Goods for Commercial Van Owners

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SANTA ANA, CA – (Dec. 1, 2022) – Yokohama Tire’s brand-new, BluEarth-Van All Season RY61® delivers on all fronts for a commercial van tire: long lasting, toughness and dependability. The RY61 is available now in three sizes that cover the most popular van fitments in today’s market. Four more sizes will be offered in early 2023.

“The BluEarth-Van All Season RY61 is perfect for smaller operators, as well as larger delivery fleets,” said Drew Dayton, Yokohama’s senior product planning manager, consumer tires. “That’s because the RY61 offers an optimum balance of long tread wear, excellent durability and reliable performance all year long.”

Highlights of the RY61 include:

– Confident all-season traction comes from the large center tread blocks that create better contact with the road surface and enhance tread rigidity for improved dry performance. Also, the 3D snow sipes augment snow performance and create hundreds of biting edges for improved performance on ice.

– Long tread life is produced by the optimized tread design that features a combination of large center blocks and squared shoulder blocks. They form a stable footprint to extend tread life by preventing irregular wear.

– Durable construction is achieved by additional protection from bead unsetting by preventing wear of the bead and carcass in high-load applications. Plus, anti-crack serration from the geometric cube design on the sidewall prevents cracks from forming and reducing the useful life of the tire.

– Fuel efficient technology comes via the triple polymer compound that features the perfect balance of polymers, silica and carbon to lower rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.

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