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  • TY527


    The new TY527 is the premium choice for today’s fleet looking for exceptional drive tire performance and longevity.

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  • one million tires a year

    we've broken ground on a brand new factory in mississippi.

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  • smartsolutions
    designed to keep you in the lead

    discover the power behind this industry changing program and how it can help your fleet be the smartest on the road.

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  • 101ZL SPEC-2

    one of the most durable long-haul tires you'll find

    The new 101ZL Spec-2 represents our next generation long-haul steer tire. It features an advanced tread compound, improved casing design and even better retreadability, so you can be sure it's one of the most durable long-haul tires you'll find.

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See the Yokohama Difference

SmartSolution® is the driving force behind Yokohama innovation and the reason we can make a difference to your bottom line.

Use Yokohama's suite of tools to see how you can optimize your fleet's performance.

Yokohama Tire Corporation’s TY527™ premium drive tire is now available to fleets in three new 16-ply size offerings

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