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From in town to in transit, there’s a Yokohama truck or trailer tire to help you get the job done.
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Steer/All-Position tires

Steer tires are the most important tires on your truck, designed to perform their best in the front (steer) axle position.

Drive tires

Drive tires put the power to the pavement by providing a balance of traction, treadwear and fuel efficiency.

Trailer tires

Trailer tires deliver the performance and durability you need whether hauling a short or long distance.


Delivers long, even wear, enhanced wet traction and durability.

101ZL Spec-2™

Our next-generation long-haul steer tire that’s ready to put in the work.


Delivers longer treadwear, low rolling resistance and enhanced traction.


Designed to maximize original tread life, durability, retreadability, and to reduce rolling resistance.


The optimum balance of fuel economy, treadwear and traction.


A fuel-efficient drive tire that delivers even treadwear and extended service life


Offering lower initial cost, greater payload potential, better fuel economy and easier maintenance.


Our newest wear-resistant regional haul trailer tire.

114R™ UWB

A durable, trailer tire specifically designed to meet the demands of high scrub operations.

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Because every mile matters, Yokohama long-haul tires are designed to deliver maximum durability and fuel efficiency.

Sometimes the most demanding jobs are closest to home. Yokohama offers a host of regional tire solutions to keep costs low and productivity high.

Regional and in-city deliveries demand on-time reliability, ultimate efficiency, and confidence in all conditions.

Heavy duty capability and durability for the most demanding jobs with on- and off-road operations.

Designed to defy the rigors of daily use, Yokohama waste and sanitation tires offer extreme long-lasting protection and performance.

The Yokohama SmartSolution®

SmartSolution® is the driving force behind Yokohama innovation – the core of our existence. It is our approach to ensure that we are the best partner for you.

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