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Tire Tips

Choosing the Right Tire

Choosing the correct tires for your operation and equipment is critical to the efficiency and safety of your business. 

This 'Tire Tips' video will help you understand the considerations necessary to ensure that you choose the best tire to save you money, reduce down time and keep your drivers and load safe.

Improving Tire Life

The cost of replacing tires figures into every fleet's running costs, so getting the most life out of your tire has a direct impact on your bottom line.

This 'Tire Tips' video will help you understand the importance of maintaining the health of your casings and some indicators of the overall health of your tires and other equipment.

When is a Tire Repairable?

We've all experienced it at some time in our career - a tire puncture. The first thought it can it be repaired or not?

This 'Tire Tips' video will help you understand when a tire can be safely repaired under current industry standards and guidance.

How to Check Tread Depth

Checking your tires' tread depth allows you to monitor wear and estimate the total miles you should expect out of each tire based on your operation.

This 'Tire Tips' video will help you understand the proper way to check your tires' tread depth and provide some advice on keeping these measurements meaningful. 

Why Air Pressure

The impact of maintaining proper air pressure cannot be overstated - not only does it ensure that your tire run at their peak performance and with peak fuel efficiency, it contributes to providing the safest driving experience possible.

This 'Tire Tips' video provides tips on how and when to check air pressure to improve your fuel efficiency, protect your tire investment, and maximize safety on the road.

Weight, Axle Capacity and Tire Capacity

In every operation, it's important to pay attention to the role your tire's load capacity plays in matching up with axle capacities and your overall loaded vehicle weight.

This 'Tire Tips' video points out how you ensure that your tire and axle configuration follow the specs that came with your truck and how you can use Yokohama's tire pressure calculator to maximize performance and comfort of your ride.