Tire Construction

Tire Casing

The life of a tire is dependent on many elements, but perhaps most important is the strength and integrity of its casing. It’s the foundation of the tire, the base on which everything rests. At Yokohama, we take pride in our commitment to building casings that maximize original tread longevity, performance, and ensure retreadability. 

Building the best casing in the industry is no simple feat. Using Finite Element Method, our engineers can accurately predict the natural growth that occurs during the first 30,000 miles of operation. With that information, they’re able to design a product that adapts to the operational stresses and strains the tire will encounter in operation.


Steel Belts

Effectively increase the stiffness of the tread area, minimize distortion of the ground contact area, provide puncture resistance, and increase fuel-efficiency.


Body Ply

Allows the tire to maintain inflation pressure, successfully carry the load and resist shocks.


Belt Edge Cushion

Help prevent separation of the belt edges (and therefore the tread) caused by the scissoring effect of the belts.


Bead Assembly

Our unique bead assemblies are combinations of steel and nylon chafers (reinforcing cord layers) wrapped around the bead (a bundle of high-tensile steel wires) and the bead filler (apex rubber). These combinations reinforce the bead area to secure the inflated tire against the rim. In a tubeless tire, this fit must be tight enough that air does not leak from the tire during normal operation.


Inner Liner

Specially designed to minimize air seepage into adjacent areas of the tire. The quality of the inner liner is critical to prevent air from penetrating into the casing.

Tire Construction

All radial tires consist of a sidewall, tread, shoulder and bead areas with each individual component contributing to the integrity of the overall product. The technological advancements in our products, including unique combinations of rubber compounds and innovative construction methods, offer better handling, ride comfort, treadwear and fuel-economy than ever before.

Ultra-Wide Top Steel

An ultra-wide top steel belt increases rigidity across the entire tread surface, enhancing durability and reducing casing damage.

Superior Casing Protection

Features like block-shaped stone ejectors prevent stones from traveling to the bottom of the grooves, reducing damage to the casing by 25%.

Durable, Protective Sidewall Bars

Enhanced sidewall protector bars help shield the casing from scrubbing and curbing.

Belt Edge Cushion

Belt edge cushion firmly bonds steel belts to reduce strain and provide longer casing life.

Inner Liner

Specially designed inner liner helps maintain proper inflation and protects steel belts from oxidation by minimizing air seepage.

Contoured Bead Area

Contoured bead area allows the tire to sit evenly against the rim for extremely uniform rolling. Provides long, even wear, reduced friction and a smoother ride.

Ultra-Wide Base Construction

Fleets around the world have turned to ultra wide base tires to help lower operating expenses. From ease of maintenance to increased cargo capacity and decreased fuel-consumption, these products are built to improve the efficiency of your vehicle.

Five-Belt Package

Durable five-belt package allows for better casing design, creating a flatter carcass line, which helps maintain original shape. This creates a shorter, more efficient footprint.

Advanced Profile

An advanced profile is optimized to manage the strain that occurs during normal operation allowing better durability and less casing fatigue.

Zero Degree Belt

Zero degree belt, engineered specifically to provide even pressure across the contact patch, allows for even weight distribution and vastly increased tread life.

Oversized Hexagonal Bead

Oversized hexagonal bead and double nylon chafer allow for easier mounting and provide even pressure along the wheel’s circumference to reduce strain and increase the life of the tire.