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Tire Application

While the components of a tire determine its inherent performance characteristics, it is the correct application of the tire that guarantees a satisfied customer. Because of this, it is important to carefully consider all the factors that affect tire performance in an application: the size of the vehicle, its specific use, weather, road conditions, and terrain.

Conventional Tires

The taller sidewall allows for more flexibility to resist sidewall damage. Their higher static load radius allows for a smoother ride, while their higher diameter measurement delivers decreased rolling resistance.

Low-Profile Tires

Low-profile tires, engineered with a shorter, more responsive sidewall, ensure more uniform ground pressure resulting in less tread distortion. The lower height and lighter weight allow you to maximize your payload.

Wide Base Tires

Yokohama has developed wide based tires for on-road as well as off-road applications. They are especially cost-efficient in applications for heavy load-carrying vehicles.

Ultra-Wide Base Tires

Utilizing a unique casing that optimizes the operating profile to reduce strain energy, out ultra-wide base tires provide better fuel efficiency, longer tread life, and unsurpassed retreadability.

Yokohama Commercial Product Line-Up by Application